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Release time:2018-04-27

On April 21st, under the careful preparation and arrangement of the company's executives, I participated in this development training with the company's large team of more than 80 people. The theme is: Challenge yourself and smelt your team!

In my individual participation in the different strengths of outreach training, although the strength of this extended training is common, personal feelings are really different from the previous training. For the first time, I participated in this outreach training as the team leader. Although the captain is only an identity, the roles played by the different identities in the team and the assigned mission are completely different.

  At 9 a.m. in the morning our large units arrived on time at the parade base. The weekend ruthlessly deprived us of a good rest time. A lot of people arrived at the base and still did not wake up. Of course, I was one of them. I mostly hope that the training will end soon and we can go home early, but what happens next will quickly make me forget all these ideas.

After the coach arrived at the base and told us about the training discipline, training began soon!

Item 1: 5 minutes standing in the military position

This project is a pre-training preparation project. All players need to concentrate on maintaining their military posture for 5 minutes. In the process of standing in the military position, due to the failure of the team members to complete the final standing time for nearly one minute.

At the beginning, I thought confidently. Standing for 5 minutes was no more than 30 minutes before the previous military training. However, when coaches in the middle of the road constantly warned against discipline, they suddenly realized that we were a team today. Requires everyone to consciously focus on implementation to get through. Of course, this is only the beginning.

Item  2: Inspiring flying

Our team quickly started training after getting the equipment. We quickly carried out personnel division. We also quickly found the correct operation method that we thought was correct. Of course, our team also successfully won the team's first place in the first round; However, by the second round, our team successfully won the last one.

As a captain of this project, I did not personally participate in the competition but served as a referee to assist other teams in the completion of the competition. After our team achieved good results in the first round, we did not communicate and reflect well in the second round of training. But after repeating the first method and method, after the second round of training, we still feel that our performance is good, but we do not know it is the last one.

We often have such status in our work and life. When we achieve certain achievements, we will inevitably be proud and complacent, or be overconfident. However, if we do not think about more efficient methods and set higher goals and requirements, we will soon be overtaken by our opponents and peers, and the morale and morale of the team will also be affected to varying degrees!

Item 3: Bamboo Walk Miles

This project gave me a very deep impression. We continued to communicate and explore with our team. We soon discovered that stability was the key to this project. In the first round we successfully completed our mission. Although it was not the first place, our execution was really good. Soon after we started the second round of training, after two trainings, we soon found a new problem: we are too slow. We should start pursuing speed when we are stable enough; at the same time, we must be on the line and personnel. The station also has a clear positioning, of course, the second round of our team successfully completed the task as the first.

 The enthusiasm of all members of our team in this project is very high. In the whole process, I constantly adjust and direct the team members to implement our communication methods and techniques. In actual work, we excessively pursue progress without detailing and focusing on details. The progress of things may be stuck at any time; only when we step by step to do every detail and lay a solid foundation, we can properly improve our work. Rhythm, so that we can do more with less. It's good to be fast and efficient, but details are always the key to success.

Item 4: Power Cycle

The first time I experienced and experienced the project of groping the team in the dark, the most profound experience was: the individual or small department did better and perfected again, and it was separated from the team and the collective. Everything was zero.

The challenge of the power circle undoubtedly pushes our all-day outreach training to a climax: Our potential and explosiveness are difficult to perceive and excavate when we do not have clear goals and concrete execution plans. Every member of the entire power circle is indispensable, and the slackness and backwardness of any one person will directly affect the whole team's task.


Through this outreach training, the individual feels a lot. This extended training perfectly explains our theme: challenging ourselves and smelting the team. Although the training program is very limited and the time is short, the process of each project is fully reflected.

In our work and life, many very real problems are reflected in the training: the ability to solve problems and adaptability, the ability to learn and correct mistakes, individualism and teamwork. Let me summarize some of my personal thoughts from this outreach training:

Participation: There are many things that we can only do when we participate in it ourselves. Only then can we find the problem and find a solution to it. There is already a way to solve all problems in the natural world. The same applies to our work. When we encounter problems, we can better analyze and solve problems only when we personally participate in and clarify the truth of the problem.

Take on: Being a person who is also a responsibility and dares to take responsibility must dare to take responsibility. In our work, especially as leaders, we must dare to take the courage to make decisions, and we must also dare to take on all the consequences of our own decisions. Only such leaders can bring out better and elite teams.

Team: The team's interests are above all, and personal interests are never separated from the team. In our work and life, the integration of the team and the team to grow together is the best way to quickly improve individual ability and results. Individuals with excellent ability to get rid of the team and organization are difficult to achieve great achievements and effects. A person's time, energy and ability are limited. Only by combining the best resources and team can we achieve unexpected results.

Learning: What we can't stop at any time is learning. Learning not only enriches our work, but also allows us to relax in our busy work.

In the end, I hope that similar outreach training will have more colleagues to participate in. Anything to participate in is the biggest gain!

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