Sunwoda (BMS) became the first company to pass ISO26262 certification

Release time:2018-01-04

Sunwoda  Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300207). The company is committed to providing advanced global lithium battery integration technology for the global new energy car companies to provide electric vehicle battery system solutions. The company has established a complete R & D, manufacturing capability, test and evaluation capabilities in the field of electric vehicle systems, a fully automated production line with completely independent intellectual property rights of Battery Management System (BMS), highly automated cell sorting, module assembly and battery system assembly assembly . So far, the company has established deep cooperation with many well-known car manufacturers both at home and abroad.

Since its establishment in 2008, Sunwoda has been dedicated to the research and development of the battery management system for electric vehicles (BMS) and has gradually become mature after many years of precipitation and accumulation. In order to further promote R & D innovation, Sunwoda also introduced advanced HIL test equipment and perfect cell testing laboratory.

In terms of BMS development, Based on Autosar software architecture, Sunwanda developed using EB tresos + Systemdesk + Matlab advanced development tools, NPD + Aspice standardized development process; the introduction of HIL test system; and development verification based on V model. At the same time, Sunwoda also work with well-known colleges and universities to carry out "production and research" cooperation, cutting-edge technology breakthroughs to achieve the scientific and technological achievements of the product, the internationalization of key technologies, at the same time master the core technology.

BMS introduction

BMS (Battery Management System) that battery management system. As a core component of one of the "Three Electric" new energy vehicles, BMS plays an important role in new energy vehicles. Sunwoda BMS has strong performance, reliability, low cost and so on. BMS according to project needs can be divided into distributed and centralized structure, flexible use. The system adopts modularized design, which is composed of main control board BCU, control board SCU, current sensor CSU and high voltage management module HVMU. The system is robust and adaptable to different models, meanwhile, the corresponding functions can be extended according to requirements.

Software development

In vehicle communication, using AUTOSAR's underlying software architecture, and other vehicle components can be quickly and easily docking. Greatly improve the development efficiency and reduce the error probability.

Application layer software developed by MBD model, and based on MIL, SIL, HIL, Testbench, road test a full range of test validation, to ensure product quality and reliability.

Hardware platform

Sunwoda BMS hardware platform with the following performance characteristics:

At the same time, Sunwoda also introduced HIL test system, through the LabVIEW simulation interface kit, rapid realization of the user interface and battery model. The HIL system creates a hardware-in-the-loop system for quality diagnostics for BMS, reducing the costs and risks associated with battery testing, improving hardware reliability, and reducing system development time. The ability to configure multiple test cases leads to a readable BMS performance evaluation and a simplified automated test solution.

Develop verification process

Currently, Sunwoda has basically completed the V model-based development verification process, Reqtify and test runway planning.

BMS platform planning

In April 2016, Sunwoda invested a great deal of resources and focused on cutting-edge technology research in the industry to promote platform development with the goal of "planning generation, pre-research generation and mass production generation". Has now achieved the transition from 3.8 platform to 4.0 platform stage. By 2025 will achieve distributed, integrated, hybrid platform; the same time, BMS from 16-bit single-core upgrade to 32-bit dual-core, and then to 64-bit multi-core transformation, the formation of neural network algorithms to achieve big data intelligent control.

Process Certification

Sunwoda is the first power battery high-tech enterprise in China that has passed ISO26262 certification and has strictly followed the functional safety standards defined by functional safety development process ISO26262 from the phases of management, development, production, operation, service and retirement of BMS products, covering The product's full life cycle.

Passing ISO26262 process certification will further promote Sunwoda's compliance with stringent international automotive electronics standards and lay a solid foundation for becoming a leading domestic and international provider of battery systems for electric vehicles.

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