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Release time:2017-12-14

November 27-29, 2017 Shenzhen International Lithium Power Technology Exhibition grand opening in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This is China's largest lithium technology exhibition, focusing on display 3C, power and storage areas of lithium batteries and related applications. During the show, our booth attracted the attention of many exhibitors, each showcase has been surrounded by enthusiastic visitors, the scene unusually hot.

In the three layers of the crowd outside

Sunwoda EVB exhibition hall has been squeezed explosion

In the same period, Shenzhen Forum on Technology Development of Lithium Battery was also held. Zheng Zheng, director of EVB Technology at Sunwoda, made a report on "Technical Requirements of New Energy Vehicles for Power Battery" at the forum, which was well received by guests on the scene.

Sunwoda EVB Zheng began his speech

The Sunwoda EVB demonstrated from the batteries, modules, battery packs to the whole car industry chain products, so that people from all walks of life see Sunwoda  strength. Pavilion is the most eye-catching Division I and Dongfeng Liuzhou popular Jing Yi S50 pure electric vehicles, the Division I to provide battery packs, the current model has been listed.

EVB Marketing Center models

In addition, the central exhibition hall is also placed on the cooperation between Geely Automobile and Geely Automobile battery system exhibits, the exhibit uses 37ah square shell battery module, the energy density of the cell up to 168wh / kg, the system has a water cooling system, Can effectively carry out thermal management, to ensure the safety of battery operation; the same time, there are 48V standard vehicle start and stop system, fuse technology, soft package module, the box battery module;

"So dedicated audience is rare, we can only blame our promotional video is too attractive"

In addition, a special display of Sunwoda  independent research and development of 6.9ah, 46ah, 70ah three batteries, the three have passed the national GBT strong inspection and obtain reports, will begin trial production of small quantities by the end of 2017, is expected The third quarter of 2018 to achieve full production.

Leadership and cordial conversation with customers

At present, Sunwoda EVB has established a complete R & D, manufacturing, testing and evaluation capabilities in the field of power battery systems, a battery management system (BMS) with completely independent intellectual property rights, a highly automated battery sorting, module grouping and battery system Assembly assembly of fully automated production lines. So far, Sunwoda  EVB has established deep cooperation with many well-known car manufacturers at home and abroad. The future Sunwoda  EVB will continue to increase R & D investment and product upgrading, hoping through continuous innovation, improve product performance, better customer success.

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