Sunwoda EVB grand debut China - ASEAN (Liuzhou) Auto Show

Release time:2017-10-24

The 7th China - ASEAN (Liuzhou) Auto Industry Fair Parts Exhibition and 2017 National Mini Auto Parts Exhibition was held at the Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 20, 2017. The current exhibition for 3 days, mainly relying on the advantages of Liuzhou Automobile Industry and ASEAN's geographical advantages, build market-oriented and professional exchange platform for industrial exchanges. At the same time to build a modern distribution system of auto parts, to build the automotive market after the service industry.

The Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Sunwoda EVB") by the partner Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. invited to carry our own self-developed shell batteries and electric vehicle power battery system, the latest products, And technical achievements to participate in this exhibition. At the beginning of the exhibition, Sunwoda  EVB Liuzhou people from all walks of life attention.

Leadership care

Sunwoda EVB rapid development in recent years caused Liuzhou city government attaches great importance to, especially Sunwoda  prepared in Liuzhou layout, construction production base, this move is the strong support of the Liuzhou municipal government. After the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Liuzhou municipal government leaders and Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. senior leaders began to patrol the museum, Sunwoda is the first stop of the patrol. Liuzhou City Mayor and Liu steam vice president came to Sunwoda EVB exhibition hall, visit the company's products, and cordially asked Sunwoda  in Liuzhou plant construction process, our sales manager Wang Jingyuan gave a warm answer for the leadership Division I in Liuzhou construction and development planning. Leaders gave a high degree of appreciation and earnest expectations for the development of the Sunwoda EVB.

Liuzhou City Mayor and Liu steam senior leaders come to our exhibition hall

media focus

Sunwoda EVB products also attracted Liuzhou TV and Liuzhou daily concern, television journalists and journalists are on the Division I conducted a live coverage of the report. Our product manager Chen Jingli to introduce the Division I exhibits. The Sunwoda EVB shows from the batteries, modules, battery pack to the whole industry chain products, so that people from all walks of life to see the strength of Sunwoda . The most interesting in the exhibition hall is the Division I and Dongfeng Liu steam cooperation popular King Yi S50 pure electric vehicles, I Division to provide battery pack, the current models have been listed. In addition, the exhibition hall is also placed in the Division I and Geely Automobile battery system exhibits, the exhibits using 37ah shell battery module, the core energy density up to 168wh / kg, the system has a water cooling system, Can effectively carry out thermal management, to ensure the safety of battery operation; the same time, there are standard 48V start and stop the vehicle system, fuse technology, flexible package, box battery module, etc .; In addition, Up to the independent research and development of 6.9ah, 46ah, 70ah three batteries, the three have passed the national GBT strong test, and made a report, will begin at the end of 2017 small batch trial production, is expected in the third quarter of 2018 to achieve full production .

Liuzhou City TV interview with the Division I Chen Jingli

Customer care

Sunwoda EVB and Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. is a strategic partner, the Sunwoda EVB to Liuzhou exhibitors by Dongfeng Liu steam attaches great importance. The first day of the show, Liu steam S50 project team rate all the members came to the exhibition site for our exhibition hall to increase popularity. First of all, the project team on the arrival of Sunwoda EVB warmly welcomed, and our products to give a high degree of recognition. Subsequently, the two sides on the details of the project and the project process were friendly conversation. Finally, our staff and S50 project team all the members of the photo taken pictures.

Liu Hu S50 project team all members to visit our exhibition hall

       Through this exhibition, Sunwoda EVB to Liuzhou City people from all walks of life to show their strength, so that they in-depth understanding of Sunwoda  EVB in the field of new energy and power battery R & D and manufacturing capacity, the future Sunwoda EVB will continue to More full of enthusiasm and a more professional attitude to provide customers with new energy vehicle solutions.

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