Challenge gravity - EVB basketball game perfect ending

Release time:2017-10-24

After half a month of the race, EVB basketball game in September 25, 2017 came to an end, Huizhou operations team members all the way through the clutter, eventually won the championship, and maintained a four consecutive unbeaten record. Software two troops, process integration test team were won the third runner-up.

Crown, sub, third team photo

Basketball tournament since the start in September, by the EVB all the staff attention. A total of six teams more than 70 players involved, the current basketball team to take the way the team team, the group round robin and knockout, decided the top four. The formation of the departmental wing, not only enhanced the exchange between departments, but also enhance the overall strength of the team.

The game, all the players on the pitch morale, tenacious struggle, race out of the style, race out of friendship.

After several rounds of the race match, on September 26 opened the battlefield of the finals. The final process integration test team and product project team compete for 3,4, the software two and Huizhou operations team in the championship battle against the strong.

The game on both sides of the players you fight me, a gesture on behalf of a tactical formation, counterattack, dribble, pass, quickly turned to layup, at one go, wonderful goal to win the sidelines of the audience bursts of applause.

At this point, EVB basketball game ended successfully. This competition not only enriched the staff of the campus life, improve the staff of the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for physical exercise, but also to provide a communication, show themselves platform. All the players in the fierce competition to carry forward the courageously fighting, never fight the first sports spirit, carry forward the victory is not arrogant, not afraid of the good moral character, but also let us see the majority of EVB employees self-improvement, the courage to struggle spirit.

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