Sunwoda power battery business revenue in the first half of 215 million yuan

Release time:2017-09-18

1. Sunwoda first half of the power battery business revenue of 215 million yuan

In the report period, the Company realized operating income of RMB5.47 billion, an increase of 77.35% over the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB182 million, up by 23.78% over the same period of last year. In the field of power batteries, the first half of the operating income of 215 million yuan, an increase of 28.3%. Up to now, Sunwoda Power Battery Research Institute developed high-energy power core energy density of 210Wh / kg, cycle life of more than 2000 times; high-power power core power density of more than 4500W / kg, cycle life of more than 5000 times. Has been with Geely Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng Liu steam, Dongfeng Renault, Beiqi Futian, Xiaopeng Automobile and Delphi, Bosch and other core customers to carry out business cooperation.

2. Beiqi new energy to complete 11.118 billion yuan B round of financing for the industry's most

       August 14, in the first opening of the new R & D base - Blue Valley, Beiqi new energy company party secretary, general manager Zheng Gang announced that the company has successfully completed the B round of capital increase, raising a total of 11.118 billion yuan of funds. B round of financing is completed, Beiqi new energy a total of 33 shareholders. Beiqi new energy B round of financing began in January this year, when the plan funds at least 8 billion yuan.

3. Tesla works with the car trading site to expand the used car sales business

      According to the electrek website reported that, as the media had previously reported, Tesla's used car sales business (internal called "remarketing business") has been with the advantages of inventory growth fully expanded. Today, Tesla made a stunning move, it decided to bring these stocks to third-party sales. Tesla through its "second-hand car certification" plan firmly control the second-hand car market. According to Autolist's report, Tesla ModelS is better than gas-powered cars - driving more than 50,000 miles to only 28%.

4. For the global tender, the Indian government intends to buy 10,000 electric vehicles

India's state-owned energy efficiency services company (EESL) plans to buy 10,000 electric cars with a mileage of 150 kilometers, and is bidding on a global scale, according to the Indian Economic Times. The vehicles will be used in government departments to achieve the goal of full coverage of Indian electric vehicles by 2030. Energy efficiency services companies plan to buy electric vehicles in two phases. Energy efficiency services companies also bid for 3,000 AC charging points and 1000 DC charging points. Its general manager, Saurabh Kumar, said India was seeking a four-door sedan with a mileage of 120-150 kilometers. The first phase of the purchase of 1,000 electric vehicles will be used in Delhi and the capital of the government departments, and in the region to install 400 charging stations. Depending on the needs, these stations will be deployed by the Indian National Electricity Group (NTPC) or the power grid.

5. Tesla provides home charging device installation service, only for a small number of US users

According to foreign media reports, Tesla is for its users to launch a new "home charging installation plan (Home Charging InstallationProgram)" for users to search and match the Tesla certified electrician, before the purchase of vehicles arrived for users Installation of household charging equipment, but the service is currently only applicable to a small number of users in North America. Tesla said the service is designed to simplify the procurement process, the user and the "Tesla certified electrician" to match, before the delivery of new cars, so that electricians come to install the user charging device.


6. The EU will gradually reduce the minimum price of PV measures against China

August 17 from the Ministry of Commerce was informed that, according to the European Commission to the relevant stakeholder disclosure documents, the EU will implement the PV dual counter-measures minimum price will fall within a year more than 20%, the minimum battery The price will drop more than 10%. In March this year, the European Commission decided to extend the implementation of anti-PV measures against China for 18 months, while opening the mid-term review to adjust the minimum price. During the midterm review, the Commission faces a lot of lobbying pressure, especially on how to implement the new minimum price issue.

7. New type of fluid battery is about to commercialize: charge as fast as refueling

Purdue University of the United States invented a can be similar to the way to charge the electric vehicle battery charging, at an economic price, instantly full of electric cars, users no longer need to wait. In the previous meeting of the International Porosity Society held in the Netherlands, Purdue University professor John Cushman published the new fluid battery IF-battery, the battery is ready to enter the commercialization stage. According to reports, the battery uses a non-mixed fluid for acidification reduction reaction, that is, as long as the car out of the electrolyte, and then add the same as adding a new electrolyte can be completed immediately charge, and the recovery of the electrolyte can be used Solar or wind power and other clean energy charging, and then re-use. The system is more cost-effective than traditional charging systems because the electrolyte can be distributed to existing gas stations.

8. Fudan University team developed a new battery can be bent

      Fudan University Wang Yonggang team and Peng Huisheng team developed a new type of battery can be bent, the design focus on the wearable electronic equipment, mechanical stress requirements and implantation equipment on the security requirements. Related research published in the cell publishing group's "Chemical" journals. Researchers designed two flexible batteries: a 2D ribbon battery and a 1D fibrous battery. The former can adhere to the thin electrode film in a strand, while the latter can be embedded in a carbon nanotube skeleton around the electrode material of nanoparticles. In addition to testing biocompatible liquids, the researchers also tested the suitability of sodium sulfate as a liquid electrolyte for wearable equipment batteries. The results show that the capacity and output power of the two new types of batteries are better than most of the currently reported lithium ion batteries for wearable devices when using sodium sulfate solution as the electrolyte.

9.309 new energy models to declare the first 299 new car announcement, 29 new energy passenger cars

August 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the official website announced the declaration of the first 299 "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements" new products, publicity period of 7 days, as of August 22. 299 batch of publicity to declare new energy automotive products, a total of 111 enterprises of 309 models, including pure electric products a total of 106 enterprises 282 models, plug-in hybrid products a total of 14 enterprises 24 models, fuel cell products a total of 2 Household enterprises 3 models. 309 new energy automotive products include new energy passenger cars 29, 137 new energy vehicles, 143 new energy vehicles.

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