Power battery joint research team and his party to visit the research

Release time:2017-09-14

August 10, by the China Railway Corporation, China Railway, Beijing Jiaotong University and other units of the power battery joint research team to visit our company, research, the company CTO Luo, vice president of operations Zhou Zonglin, vice president of sales Zou Yi, etc. were warm reception.

The research group is mainly want to understand the application of ultra-high power battery in the field of locomotives in order to lay the foundation for the future selection of power battery and power battery technology for future railroad rail transportation equipment specification. As one of the leading power of the domestic new energy power battery industry, Sunwoda is the focus of the research group.

This trip, I Division Luo total, Zou total has accompanied the research group visited the Huizhou Bo Luo production line, bright power battery testing center, battery research and SMT production line for the research group show Sunwoda power battery research and development capabilities , Production capacity and testing and verification capabilities. On the way, our leadership also briefed the research group on the strategic layout and development plan of Sunwoda in the field of power battery in the next few years, so that the research group had a deeper understanding of Sunwoda .

Dr. Zhu Jing for the research group explained Sunwoda  related qualifications

Leaded to accompany the research group to visit our products

In recent years, Sunwoda continue to increase investment in the field of new energy power batteries, is committed to China and the world's new energy industry to provide power battery, BMS, electrical control and other overall solutions for customers to provide green energy, safe and reliable And has a competitive advantage in the market of high-performance products. Through this research, the research team in-depth understanding of the Sunwoda in the field of new energy power battery R & D and manufacturing capabilities, but also feel the Wyndham's "customer achievement, self-criticism, integrity, passion, teamwork "The value of the concept, in order to promote the power battery in the field of rail transportation applications laid a solid foundation.

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