Sunwoda EVB grand debut Shanghai 2017 global new energy auto show

Release time:2017-09-14

2017 Global New Energy Automotive Conference The future auto show opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 3, with the theme of "Redefining the car and redefining travel." Beiqi new energy, Geely new energy, SAIC, JAC, Sunwoda  and many other industry exhibitors debut debut.

Opening of the exhibition

The exhibition will be held for three days, including - the future car developer club 2017 summer night, 2017 future car developer conference, 2017 future travel forum, corporate special recommendation, 2017 future car carnival, EV Heroes - tram ride through China trip Six simultaneous events. I bring the Secretary for independent development of the shell batteries and electric vehicle power battery system, the latest products, technology and technological achievements debut this show.

Always smiling service customer's handsome pot of aluminum

Into the booth, the first thing that catches the eye is the Division I and Geely Automobile battery system exhibits, the exhibits using 37Ah shell battery module, the core energy density up to 168Wh / kg, the system has a water cooling system, can be effective In addition to the vehicle standard 48V start and stop system, as well as the fuse process module, soft package module, box battery module, etc .; at the same time, the exhibition also show the safety of the battery Special display of Sunwoda  independent development of the three square batteries, the capacity is 7AH, 44AH, 72AH, the three batteries have been through the national GBT strong test, and report; will begin at the end of 2017 small batch test Production, is expected to achieve full production in the third quarter of 2018.

Interested customers and our leadership in a warm conversation

Sunwoda has been committed to the new energy vehicles to provide advanced solutions. Common grasp of China's electric car and power battery market new opportunities, continued the development of electric car industry glorious new chapter. The first day of the exhibition, our exhibition hall to attract a large number of exhibitors and customers.

Our power battery products to attract the audience eye

This exhibition indicates that the development of new energy smart cars has brought great changes in the automotive industry. In the industry fusion time, how quickly in the complex time and space to find the latest technology, the most cattle enterprises, the best talent, and with its cooperation, is the key to the great growth of enterprises. EV elite to explore the benefit of electric vehicles, power battery industry development of good policy and solutions to jointly grasp the new opportunities for China's electric car and power battery market, a total of new comrades of the development of electric vehicle industry.

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