Sunwoda electric car together with the Chinese agricultural team to create high-performance racing

Release time:2017-09-14

October 21, South China Agricultural University Sunwoda Formula Racing Team 2016 new car conference was successfully held, EVB vice president of sales Zou Yi attended the conference and as a sponsor representative for the new car unveiled.

South China Agricultural University pure electric formula racing team was established in April 2012, in the South China Agricultural University under the guidance of the Department of Vehicle Engineering and Technology under the guidance of self-operation, in June 2016, Sunwoda as the sponsor of the sponsor of its racing battery system And won the title, after the official changed its name to "South China Agricultural University Sunwoda Formula Racing Team". This cooperation through the "eco-circle" business model, provided by the major sponsors to jointly develop a new generation of high-performance power supply, and for the first time in the South China Agricultural University pure electric formula racing, sponsors and the team adhering to the "innovation" "Breakthrough" spirit, and jointly promote and strengthen the racing-class high-performance power field of production and research combined to promote the new energy industry-related high-tech industry development. The production and research cooperation for the practice of college students to provide resources and technical support to achieve a win-win situation of school-enterprise cooperation.

South China Nongda Motorsen E08 is known as the "4th generation of farmer falcon", the car's battery system design, assembly and performance testing by EVB technical director Zheng Weiwei lead product manager Chen Xiaoyuan co-ordinate project and test work, engineers carefully designed, , Overtime to solve the debugging problem, the final successful completion of delivery. The car is inspired by Falcon birds, with a new power system, drive system, driving force control system and brake energy recovery. Its experience in the first three cars, the first time the peak power of 40KW motor upgrade to 70KW, so that the car has a higher dynamic performance. Racing equipped with adjustable power recovery system, the system in the power of electronic control unit, can be real-time matching braking force, in the provision of sufficient braking force while recovering the braking energy to ensure the economy and braking reliability of the car.

Finally, the 2016 "Wei Lai Cup" Chinese college students electric formula competition will be held in November in Shanghai Audi International Circuit, is willing to South China Agricultural University Sunwoda Formula Racing Team with a dream and hope to leave, set the track, gains!

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