Sunwoda EVB phase debut 2016 international new energy car exhibition

Release time:2017-09-14

December 9 - 11, 2016 China International New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Exhibition (CINEV2016) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was held at the "2016 China-EU Summit". Under the testimony of Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman of the European Commission, Juncker, a major landing event of the "CINEV2016 Memorandum" signed between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the French Vision and Innovation Foundation, Wisdom urbanization development, low-carbon economy, new energy vehicles and intelligent transportation industry to promote cooperation is of great and far-reaching significance.

It is reported that the exhibition from China, France, Europe and the United States and Asia, the world's leading automotive vehicle companies, intelligent network of cars, power battery manufacturers, intelligent transportation manufacturing R & D institutions and typical wisdom of the city representatives competing appearance; the show products, Components, materials and applications as a whole, brought together the technology, capital, talent and the market, to promote a new round of high level of opening up.

As one of the leading domestic new energy power battery packaging industry Sunwoda was also invited by the subsidiary Sunwoda electric car battery led, with partners Xiaopeng intelligent driving SUV car, South China Nongda car E08 debut exhibition, and Tesla, Waters, BAK and other new energy exhibits on the same stage. Sunwoda electric car battery is committed to the development of new energy and steam power battery production, the official appearance at the show, to the industry and the public show its new energy battery and BMS system development, production areas made significant achievements.

Sunwoda has more than 20 years of battery packaging experience, the new energy battery as the company's future development of 5 to 10 years of important industry direction. The company invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to carry out the new energy vehicle battery, BMS, electrical control and other new energy vehicle overall solution for the vehicle to provide green energy, safe, reliable, with competitive advantages of high-performance products. In this exhibition, Sunwoda  main exhibitors for the logistics car power battery, passenger car power battery, 48V start and stop system, fuse welding serpentine water tube technology battery module, Xiaopeng intelligent driving SUV and South China Nongda car E08, etc. ; By our research and development production Xiaopeng intelligent driving car battery system, using a compact multi-string multi-string mode, the system energy density up to 152Wh / kg, the internal use of fuse welding process, active cooling, heating technology, temperature Temperature difference control industry leading to meet the conditions of 3C charge and discharge, 30 minutes to 80% of the electricity can be filled. In the 100% DOD charge and discharge conditions, the mileage of up to 8 years 300,000 km. The most noteworthy is the safety of the ternary battery, the laboratory will be heated with a hot iron nail puncture the internal single cell, the surrounding batteries did not explode and burn, voltage stability, and can work properly, which Fundamentally guarantee the safety of new energy vehicles in the process of driving.

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