EVB hardware in the ring simulation test system

Release time:2017-09-14

December 19, by the EVB Product Technology Center introduced hardware in the loop simulation test system (hardware in the loop, referred to as the HIL system) completed into the factory exporter, Sunwoda new vice president Liang Rui, EVB general manager Wang Huawen attended The ribbon cutting ceremony.

Battery management system (BMS) is a key part of electric vehicles, is in the monitoring and operation of the key technology to protect the battery core components. Hardware-on-the-loop simulation has proven to be an effective solution for BMS testing, which ensures complete BMS testing in the early stages of development. By the end of the system integration, BMS software testing will be more thorough and comprehensive than traditional methods Verification, which can be early to find the problem, reduce the cost of solving the problem. At present, in southern China, only BYD used the system.

EVB R & D Deputy General Manager Zhong Wenbin introduction, HIL system is the Wentang into the electric car industry's first set of true sense of the development of test systems, automotive research and development of the milestone; HIL introduction of the promotion of the Winton in the battery management Aspects of the strength of the company has a milestone in terms of significance. At present, the electric car battery debugging center, vehicle test sites, road running centers are in the construction of which will be greatly enhanced after the completion of Sunwoda  power battery PACK technical level to attract more customers.

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